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I go on with my life and you are always there

The feel of your hand curled around my finger

​The way your eyes fluttered at my voice

​The stars hold promise of our future in another place at another time

​For now I carry you under my breast and dream of days gone by

​My heart, my angel, my baby girl

​                                  J. B. Roseone

​Every life, no matter how short, makes a mark on the world that can not be erased. 

​                           J. B. Roseone

Alicia’s Angels Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of families experiencing infant loss. Currently we are doing this through creating home environments for families who will soon lose their baby within a hospital.
Some babies live only a few short hours, days or weeks after they are born.   Alicia's Angels Inc is creating a beautiful “home” room within hospital units where parents can live with their baby for that short time.  These rooms will include a comfortable living area for parents right next to the beautiful crib for their baby.  A large comfortable bed will include luxurious linen to provide comfort for a mother and father who are living in exhaustion while coping with their crisis.  In addition, we are adding many special pieces and personal touches, fashioning an oasis of peace and tranquility where these special families will be able to create precious memories surrounded by beauty rather than the typical hospital environment. 
All of this and more is developed so that every family has the most beautiful memories possible to hold in their hearts of the very short time they hold this precious child in their arms. That is the mission of Alicia's Angels Inc.
All of our work is done through donations.  We cannot accomplish our mission without your support.  Please consider giving for the memories.

Won't you consider helping to make our dream a reality and bring comfort to these families by donating to Alicia's Angels Inc. 

​Alicia's Angels Inc. is an official 501c3  non profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. 

​​​​​​supporting families experiencing infant loss

​​​​​Helping families to create a lifetime of memories from brief, precious moments.

​​​​Alicia's Ang​els Inc.